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August 02, 2006


Wai Lee

Way to go Peter, it is nice to be able to put away everything in a tight daily schedule and go after the dream. The greatest thing is that there is always a supporting spouse behind your endeavor.
Have a great trip back!


Dear Dan, Liz and Pete:

I just found this blog -- easily one of the nicest and most layperson-friendly that I've seen to date (I'm a student pilot with 20 hours, doing it for no reason other than that I've always wanted to). I'll be following your posts, and see you up in the wild blue!

Jay Taffet

I’ve recently published a how-to guide for pilots on how to start and operate an aerial photography business. The guide is called Fly and Earn: The Official Aerial Photography Business Kit and it is for sale on my website for $35 (pdf). And it is a business for student, private and non-current pilots as well – it’s all detailed in the kit.

If this is something you would like to cover in your blog, I can offer you a 30% commission on any purchases your readers make through a click-through link on your site. I am a vendor on ClickBank and it is free to become an Affiliate to promote the business kit.

Let me know if this is something you would like to do, and I’ll send you the link to post on your site.


Jay Taffet


I really like your blog! I am in the aviation industry (,, and enjoy reading other people's experiences. PLease keep writing, and feel free to check out our companies when you get the time. Thanks!

Account Deleted

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