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April 14, 2008



I'm honored to have been on a few of those flights listed above. I can think of a few that you forgot, such as "look down! look down!" or "Are you folks leaving again...cause we're shutting down the airport..."

I always learn something when I fly with you and I look forward to guest-starring in many, many more entries in your logbook.


Dan--heartfelt congrats on your terrific accomplishment. Along with my wife, you helped kick me enough to finally head out to CO for my flight training--and I reread the postings here fondly all the time. I've learned so much from you--and do so every single time we fly together, whether it's a quick hop to practice or a cross-country adventure of a lifetime (okay, so we've had a couple of those so far!) But either way, I sincerely hope there will be many more of all kinds of flights together.


KB - Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!! Considering the huge amount you've learned in your first 1000 hours, can you imagine what the next 1000 will bring? And I intend to have experienced a number of those hours with you. After all, there is no-one who can identify red lights on mountains like you....You are a truly gifted pilot and instructor. I am thankful for all you have taught me, and will teach me; and if en route, I teach you something, that makes it even better. Safe flying, my friend.


1000 hours eh! Many, many, many congratulations matey. Here's to the next 1000. May your skies always be blue! :-)

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