> Pete's Yellowstone Photos

You're flying WHERE in that?!
Puffy Clouds Enroute KMCW
It's Awfully Flat Out Here!
Mighty Missouri
Coming Up On The Badlands
Wall Airport (K6V4)
Your Outbound Crew (on oxygen)(note the smiles!)
First View of the Tetons
Perfect Puppy!
Moose on the Loose
The Famous Waterfall w/ Rainbow
Bald Eagle + Red Tailed Hawk Share A Thermal
Grazing Pronghorn Antelope
Grey/Silver & Black Wolves
Steamy River
Grand Prismatic Pool
The Big Stag Goes Anywhere He Wants....
A Coyote's Stare
Dawn Liftoff Past the Tetons
Colorful Buttes
Uh Oh!  Stowaways!
Mt. Rushmore Fly-By
Sunset in Vinton, IA
Happy To Be Home/Sad To Be Done